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Buy directly from the Canadian manufacturer !

Pre-made/custom Gazebos & Solariums

For more than 10 years, we have been manufacturing robust designed products which perfectly withstand our Canadian climate.

Licensed from La Régie du Bâtiment du Québec # 5694-8516-01

Easy Steps

STEP 1 = What's your needs ?

 See all our models, dimensions and options.

You may custom and mixt your sides with differents models of walls.

Some others dimensions are availables on demand.

STEP 2 = Contact us

Send us by email all your project details and questions with your postal code at

You will receive a detailed price with a sketch of panels you would receive + options of expedition

STEP 3 = To order

     Let us know by email that you are ready to finalise the order. We will send you back your official invoice to confirme your order and put it in our production line.

We will advise you some days before your order will be ready to ship, you will have to do the payment the day before the shipping.

STEP 4 = Shipping

     When paid we call the carrier for pick-up and let you know the tracking number. 

Intimity Serie

Garden Pavilion

Garden Bar Serie


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