Lounge wall

(vertical sliding windows)

Lounge walls are designed to maximise the outside view. Its  48' windows starts at 28' from the ground making you comfortably feeling like if you were outside even when you are sitting inside.  IDEAL FOR: relaxation, outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room , outdoor dinning room.

Verrière wall

(Horisontal sliding windows)

Verrière walls are very popular for the amount of light and style they can bring to your gazebos. With it's 3 windows and its center one that can be vertically open, the Verrière wall offers you intimacy and let the air flow thru the room. 

Standard wall

(vertical sliding windows)

The Standard wall is similar to the Lounge wall except that its windows start at 36' from the ground. This difference makes the inside of the gazebo more intimate. The Standard wall can be integrated to any of our gazebos.

Full wall

(no windows)

The Full wall is often used to maximise privacy on one side of the gazebo or if you are planning to use a wall to mount a tv, a library or cabinets on it for example. 

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Single window wall

(horizontal window)

The Single window wall is an additional type of wall we offer to maximise potential fitting to your needs and layout. The window can be made openable upon request.


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