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-mainly made with Premium CSA wood for all structural pieces and white pine for paneling (5/8'' thick)

-delivered 'Natural wood & ready to Stain'

-our windows are made with tinted polymer which is an extra resistant stretchable plastic and UV treated (10 years warranty)

-our regular roofs are made with dark brown 28G metal sheets for slopes with a central skylight in double-walled tinted polycarbonate

-our dimensions are 'wall to wall exterior at ground' so you need a floor of exactly the same dimension (not included, may be made with any outdoor floor material like concrete pad, wood deck or other)

- on our closed products you may choice the side and emplacement of your sliding simple door included.  Possible to add simple door(s) and/or upgrade with central doubles doors.

-easy to install since all walls/doors/corners panels are pre-made and all roof pieces are pre-cut.  All screws included.


-includ an Installation procedure with pictures and all pieces are identified.

-walls panels structure are 3½'' depth and doors panels are 1½'' thick.

All composents are made at our workshop in a controlled environment. Every steps of the making follows pre-determined criteria, templates and verifications procedures to guarantee an uniform production of quality.

our production time depend of our order book:

at Spring plan approx.8 weeks + shipping time

(with stain option approx.10-12 weeks)

no deposit when you order, payment before the shipping

(by E-transfert or Paypal)

delivery in your driveway on a pallet


Mosquito screens kit  $ 189  

- For all opening windows of your gazebo / solarium

- The screens are mounted on wood frames

• Upgrade for a central double doors  $ 149 

-To change your simple door included for central double doors

-Only 14' and + sides

• Additional simple door  $ 149 

• Additional central double doors  $ 279 

-Only on 14' and + sides

• Roof 'All in metal sheets' -no fees

-To do not have a skylight in polycarbonate so the central pinion will be in metal sheets like the slopes.

• Change the metal sheets color $ 125 

-The inside color for metal sheets is always light grey

-See just below the link of our supplier for all colors available :

• Stain Option (2 layers inside and outside)  - $ on demand (price depend of the model and dimension)

- Important: production time longer and deposit of $1000 required.

- We only work with brands Sico (water Stain) and Dulux (mixed oil and water Stain)

- You may choice the shade (semi-transparent or opaque)

*All our prices are + shipping + your province tx

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