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·        Our Solarium roofs come in 3 slopes made with metal sheets, centered with a polycarbonate tinted skylight (also possible to have the roof made with metal sheets only).

·        Our Solariums are self-supporting. We do not recommend attaching them to the customer's house (in case the ground is not correctly frost-proofed, it is highly risked to damage the house and/or the Solarium.) 

·        We recommend you install the Solarium as close as possible to the house and seal the gap between the two.  Since materials may vary from house to house (and leave different opening sizes) we do not include the material to seal the gap. The client must purchase the right material that suits the siding of their home.

·        We recommend you anchor the Solarium to the ground if you live in a windy area. There is the space needed at the bottom of the corners of each wall to anchor them. The type of anchoring required will depend on the customer's type of ground. Therefore, the material to anchor the Solarium is not included (if the ground is made with wood, you can often use long screws with a concrete pad floor (ex: Tapcon)).

·        Our solariums are 3 seasons (non-insulated). 

·        Some cities require permits to install solariums. It is important to check with your municipality.  If you need a permit, we can provide you the plans of the solarium, which are made by our technician (no extra fees,  some days of delay but not included 'engineer stamp' plans).

In the case of Solarium it is important to check your available height

(from your floor to under your house's frieze)

Our Regular Solarium (directly backed to your house's wall) needs 9'6'' to 10' height clearance (according to the size)

If you have less clear height than needed: depending of your emplacement, we may often fabric a custom Solarium 'With Frieze' (see all informations below)

First here below are more examples of our Regular Solariums

(some with extra options)

We would like to thank all our awesome customers who sent us photos of their layouts.

Solarium 10 x 10 Anglais-Elev. Right-pag
Solarium 10 x 10 Anglais-Elev Front-page
Solarium 10 x 10 Anglais-Elev. Left-page
Solarium 10 x 10 Anglais-View ISO-page-0
IMG_1251 (1).jpg

Here below are more examples of our Custom Solariums 'With Frieze'

(some with extra options)

  • The main difference: the skylight start at your gutter

  • The only of our products that few pieces of the roof have to be cut during installation to adjust perfectly to your house

  • Note on pictures below that some customers want to have all walls at the same height and others prefer to have 2 littles custom walls under the frieze

  • To check if possible with your emplacement send us a picture of it and tell us your available height clearance

Solarium 12 x 16 Anglais-Elev. Right-pag
Solarium 12 x 16 Anglais-Elev Front-page
Solarium 12 x 16 Anglais-Elev. Left-page
Solarium 12 x 16 Anglais-View ISO-page-0
IMG_1251 (1).jpg
IMG_1242 (1).jpg
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